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Today, Tomorrow…

I have seen beautiful women, for example, Indians. I have also observed that the older women walking behind them cannot be so described. I have seen handsome men with lush hair and trained moustaches, for example, Ethiopians. I have also sat with their seniors and noted that even the hair tends to lose orientation with time.

The things we desired in yesteryears barely hold value before us today. And, no doubt, the ones we desire today may mean nothing tomorrow. Men who have treasured their car toys end up driving pickup trucks or anything that can move them from point A to point B.

Robin Sharma says in The Little Black Book for Stunning Success, “Ensure that the things that truly count never get sacrificed for those seemingly pressing but unimportant ones.”

What then is important?
I think you will have to think about this and develop your personal list, but relationships certainly count.

The Holy Book places value on love: love for God, love for people. Marriages last over 50 years, and Friendships often last even longer sometimes. A 100-year-old man went to renew his driver’s licence. The official asked what a 100-year-old man needed a licence for. The old man replied softly, “Someone has to drive the old guys around.”
Invest in your good relationships.

Introspection also counts, though we barely have time to think of thinking. When we are faced with pressures, we do better if we had imagined such pressures before. This is why fire drills are conducted: when there is no fire, imagine a fire and respond to it. Do it again and again. When there is a real fire, without thinking, you know what to do.
Make time to think; think of building, of creating, of growing, of loving, of protecting, of making peace, of responding, etc.

What else counts?

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    I will be glad if you can contact me. I need some copies of your book.

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