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Untitled Leadership

Untitled Leadership  
Leadership has many perks and benefits especially when it has the authority of a Position/Office.  
For an untitled Leader, the call is usually divine, the passion lasting, and the challenges are unique. ..and enormous!  
1) untitled Leadership is self-sponsored. In Lagos Nigeria, there is a movement against the establishment of a toll-gate at Lekko / Ajah. A lawyer, Ebun Adegoruwa, is the untitled leader of people. It is costing him both time and money.  
2) Untitled Leadership must whip-up his own storm. When Pastor Tunde Bakare suddenly became a national leader in Nigeria, he had to raise his followerwhip from the scratch and most of his church members do not attend his rallies.  
3) Untitled leadership must often lead with no followership. Paradox! A leader with no following! But then, that is always the start! Even Jesus started with just 1, 2, 3, 4 fishermen who just ended their shifts! But it didn’t stay at that!  
4) Untitled leadership needs no title! If Nuhu Ribadu were to visit your visit in Nigeria, your accountant’s heart is bound to skip a beat! His passion against corruption is popular! If Muhammadu Buhari were to visit your office, there would tend to be no noise, no loitering and no lazing. His passion for “discpline” is renowned!  
So also we lead positive change, whether we are appointed, have a title or otherwise!

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