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What is truth?

What is truth?
Listening to Jim Cymballa of the Brooklyn Tabernacle, he discussed a recent job advert in a New York port agency. They needed expert electricians in suntag connectors. They got over one hundred and seventy (170) applicants! Experts in suntag connectors.
What’s the big deal about that? It was a survey! There is nothing like suntag connector! They got 170 professional liars! Now the issue is “who is left with the truth?”
Same day, I stumbled on a VIP who just joined a social network. When I saw the personal profile, the academic background and the job experience, I was short of rubbing my eyes! Was I misreading or misremembering!
If you’d agree with me, the easiest thing to do now is to cross examine, judge and sentence the 170+1 characters above. However, I turned to myself, and brought my CV to mind.
What is wrong? What is right?
What is almost right? What is not completely wrong?
That was Tuesday night.
Wednesday morning, I stumbled on an Edinburgh Napier University  research work on the stress caused by “many” Facebook friends, which, the researcher agreed, could be impressive! The  stress level goes up as your number of friends go up. This Facebook-related anxiety also rises significantly when your parents become your friends!
Why? They know the truth about those things that an average person puts up for the world to see!
This is the difference between character and reputation! Who I am versus Who they think I am!
How would we perform if our truth levels are measured!

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  1. hmmmmmmmmmmmmm. reading this keeps me thinking.God help us to always be in tune with his Spirit so he can continue to nudge our hearts when we go off course. Thank you for this piece Lanre, More grace in Jesus Name.

  2. Truth has only one universally accepted meaning. – the undisputable fact about or of any matter. May God help us to present issues as they really are. The bane of our present world is falsehood, which tends to. cloak the truth in virtually in all that goes on around the world, some times in the name of diplomacy!

  3. Personally, i think I will perform very badly and I am not proud to say it. Recently, I was trying to teach my daughter about always telling the truth…you know, not embellishing the truth, a story, a fact. If she embellishes a bit, I flare up and call it a lie and how God does not like us to lie etc. You know, take on that cloak of moralistic righteousness backed up by the authority of being a parent.
    Well , in the night, the Holy Spirit began to prod me and point out my blatant hypocrisy. More so because I had just lied straight up to someone during the day just because I did not want to reveal some very personal issues…
    My point is, I dont think I will stand up tall at all..but all in all, I ask continually for mercy to let no falseness be found in me……and that which is found, to be scrubbed thoroughly off, God help us all….Thank you Lanre.

  4. All I can say is I need Gods me thinking.I just need help and mercy.dats d thing

  5. 🙂 Facebook has turned so many people into liars, all in an attempt to impress and out-do.

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