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What is “you”?

I have seen adverts that say that your phone is who you are. They imply that if you carry a big and good phone, you are big and good. Else? You are else. 😁

Some adverts imply that the same applies to cars, shoes, houses, etc.

A wealthy man once explained that after driving all kinds of high-end cars, owning private jets and super power bikes, he couldn’t find any other thing to drive than a pickup truck. I met another who had driven everything and at that moment had no car. He borrowed his wife’s car when he needed to. Haven’t they lost their personalities?

I guess not. They only came to realise that who you are is already who you are, irrespective of what you drive or the phone you distract yourself with.
There is a huge difference between looking rich and being rich.

So what is “you”?


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