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With previous advancements in technology, some people thought that a time would come when mankind would sit and do nothing; technology would have taken over all efforts. That has not come to be, and now it seems unlikely.

We find that technology frees us from some work and gives us the time and capacity to venture into new areas. Technology frees us from physical exertion. It releases us to explore our creativity. With technology, we advance in smart work! But work, we must!

What are some benefits of working hard?
1. It improves our health.
It is scientifically proven that work improves health. Even a sick person recovers faster if s/he tries to be active and productive. Henry Ford wrote in his autobiography about the joy and health improvements experienced by his staff members who had small tasks brought to them on the hospital bed. They were excited to earn rather than be on the charity roll.

2. It leads to personal growth.
You will develop mastery if you work at something for quite some time. You will develop the necessary discipline to do well at it. That’s why years of experience are required for some tasks.

3. It brings money.
In most cases, work brings money! And within limits, if you work less, you earn less. Earning can wipe away a lot of the worries of everyday people. Yet, many expect needs to be met and output to be big with little or no work. In The Richest Man in Babylon, Sharu Nada forged an eternally beneficial friendship with Arad Gula because they both believed that hard work pays off. But Arad Gula shielded his son (and hence his grandson) from work. The results were worrisome.

4. It leads to success.
Success is the achievement of goals. If you have written down some goals for this year, you will need to work to succeed at them. Accomplishments still do not happen by chance.

Back to health, I am observing that we outsource our physical tasks and then come back to require plenty of exercises to make up for the physical activity we missed by outsourcing.

I am observing that 90-year-old grandmas still stand in the kitchen to cook their food. Many still clean their own space. But scarcely would a successful man wash his car at 60. Could this be why grandmas tend to be more fit?
Is there a reason why domestic staff are not usually obese?

Atrophy (muscle weakness) occurs when we do not use our physical (and mental) muscles.

Use yours!

Picture credits: DALL.E

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